What extraction method do you use for CBD tinctures?

There are many methods for extracting CBD, but some are considered notably safer than others.

For example, C02 extraction is one common method considered reliably safe. That’s because at certain temperatures, C02 pulls away all of the important plant compounds like a solvent does—but without any of the potential dangers of actual solvents. This extraction method has long been used in other industries to create carbonated beverages and produce essential oils.

Other extraction methods employing ethanol and solvents are also widely used, but may be more problematic. While ethanol extraction is considered pretty safe, it tends to extract chlorophyll along with the CBD, which can disrupt the color and flavor of the final product. Solvents like butane are believed to leave residual toxins that are harmful to ingest.

At Bloom Farms CBD, we use gentle thermal extraction and flash activation to craft our full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Only heated air comes in contact with the organic material—no alcohol or other solvents. “Flash activation” preserves the source plant’s cannabinoids and full terpene profile for a truly full-spectrum CBD tincture.