What makes your CBD tincture a good value?

We feel our products are priced well… in line with the market. We know not all tinctures are created equal. Bloom Farms CBD tincture is an exceptional value because of a few key differentiators:

  • It’s important to know where CBD is sourced from. One industrial use for some hemp is phytoremediation, a process that uses plants to filter contaminants like heavy metals out of soil… because of this, it’s crucial that the CBD tincture you ingest is derived from hemp plants that are responsibly grown in clean soil.
  • Our tinctures are made in the USA and derived from a special strain of high-CBD hemp cultivated specifically for this purpose.
  • Our gentle thermal extraction process that uses zero solvents. “Flash activation” preserves the source plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile to ensure a truly full-spectrum extract.
  • Our hemp is organically grown with responsible farming practices.