Dream Without Compromise - CBN for Sleep

CBN Tincture from Bloom Farms CBD

How’s Your Sleep Hygiene?

  • Body

    get physically
  • Mind

    relax &
    ease your mind
  • Habits

    create a good
    schedule & rituals
  • Environment

    set sound &
    light cues
1200 mg Dream - CBN Tincture sleep formulat

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture
Pure CBN

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With a unique combination of botanical remedies, CBD and CBN, Bloom Farms' Dream tincture may help you maintain a healthy sleep.

—Dr. Junella Chin, Bloom Farms CBD medical advisor

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  • Cannabinol CBN Isolate for Sleep


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  • What's CBN - You know we love CBD, but...
  • CBN cannabinoid - CBD isn't the only cannabinoid worthy of buzz
  • What is cannabinol - Relax, feel good, rest well
  • What is CBN - Sweet dreams
  • How are CBD and CBN different?
  • CBD is found in plants; CBN is byproduct by cannabinoids
  • CBD uses include overall sense of wellness, mind-body balance, post-exercise recovery
  • CBN for sleep, enhanced evening relaxation, boosted sedative effect
  • CBD cannabidiol is native to the hemp plant. CBDa cannabidiolic acid in a plant is not usable to the body. *cannabidiolic acid
  • CBDa + heat = CBD cannabidiol, which is usable to body. *cannabidiol
  • CBN cannabinol is a byproduct of THC tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • THCa tetrahydrocannabinolic acid in plant + time, air, UV light = CBNa cannabinolic acid, which is not usable to the body. *cannabinolic acid
  • CBNa + heat = CBN, which is usable to the body. *cannabinol
  • zzzzzzzzz CBN for sleep
  • CBD is for any time. CBN for sleep should be used in the evening only.
  • How much CBN to use - Like CBD, it's best to start using CBN low and slow.
  • How much CBN to take - Start with the smallest amount and track your usage
  • CBN tincture: how much? - See how it works to help you sleep
  • CBN amounts - Increase or decrease gradually until you find your right amount.
  • Talk to a trusted medical professional for more guidance.
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Sleep Without Compromise with CBN tincture