Did you know CBD can be derived from hemp by different methods? Did you know that once it’s taken out of the plant, there are multiple ways to make CBD that’s usable to the human body? Have you considered that some ways are better than others?

CBD Extraction Basics

In the case of hemp, extraction is the process of separating and removing CBD and other compounds from the plant material.

Some CBD extraction methods use harsh solvents like butane, pentane and hexane, which are thought to leave harmful residue that may be ingested with the extract. Some use ethanol, which results in extract containing chlorophylls that have an off-putting bitter taste. Similarly, CO2 extraction must be performed with great skill or the resulting CBD may taste sour due to high carbonic acid content. Another method is soaking plant material in oil, but the resulting infusion is unpredictable and highly perishable.

The purpose of any of these methods is to extract as much CBDA from plant material as possible.

CBDA to CBD Activation

The form of CBD produced by hemp plants is called CBDA, which must be converted to CBD to be usable to the human body. Scientists call the conversion of naturally occurring CBDA to usable CBD “activation” (or “decarboxylation” if you want to get technical). Activation is achieved by applying heat to CBDA. The conventional process exposes CBDA to heat for long periods of time, which does produce CBD but also destroys much of the source plant’s terpene profile. The less time the plant is exposed to heat, the more its desirable active compounds will be retained. Learn more about why this matters in “What’s full-spectrum… and why should you care?.”

The BLOOM FARMS CBD Difference

We believe the extraction method used for our tinctures is the finest available. For example, only thermal extraction is used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from 100% USDA Certified Organic Hemp. Very brief exposure to heated air gently activates the CBD while preserving the plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile. The resulting vapor is then condensed into a potent CBD extract—rich in terpenes and other compounds—that is truly full-spectrum and as close to the plant as possible.

What to Look For

No matter what CBD products you choose, we want you to feel informed and knowledgeable about what to look for. We recommend asking where the plants are grown, how the CBD is extracted and what activation method is used.